Victim Quick Response Program

Victim Quick Response Program

The Victim Quick Response Program +  (VQRP +) is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to provide timely assistance to victims of violent crimes. VQRP + aims to support direct victims, witnesses, and immediate family members of victims by providing financial assistance with essential expenses in order to:

  • Lessen the impact of crime
  • Enhance safety
  • Meet practical needs

Funding Is Available For:

  • Short-term immediate counselling services.
  • Emergency home safety expenses to secure premises for the immediate safety of victims.
  • Emergency accommodations and meals where there are no secure housing options available.
  • Crime scene cleanup.
  • Emergency transportation to access safe accommodation, for immediate medical needs, or for a family member to identify the victim of a homicide.
  • Supports required for serious injuries.
  • Basic funeral expenses and other financial support for families of homicide victims.

Who Is Eligible?

Program funding is available to:

  • A direct victim, witness, or immediate family member of a violent crime.
  • The crime must have occurred in Ontario.
  • This recipient must live in the province of Ontario.
  • Meet all other requirements set out by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.
  • Must meet definition of last resort, meaning the victim lacks the financial means and there are no publicly funded services available.
  • Eligibility screening process is completed before applications are submitted to the Ministry.
  • Please contact our office at 519-723-2711 to discuss your unique situation and your eligibility.